URL: security-projects.com/?SigSpotter


Sigspotter is a tool that search in your HD to find wich publishers has been signed binaries in your PC

It shows you in a summarized form the names of the publishers


>Sigspotter.exe c:\

SigSpotter 1.0

Security By Default http://www.securitybydefault.com

Publishers found:

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Lextek International
Apple Inc.
Microsoft Windows Component Publisher
Oracle America, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
VMware, Inc.
ThinPrint AG
Cortado AG
ThinPrint GmbH
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hewlett Packard
Visan Industries
Kernow Software
Microsoft Corporation MSN
CACE Technologies, Inc.
Coupons, Inc.
Microsoft Windows Component Publisher
GEAR Software Inc.
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Windows
Macromedia, Inc.

You can download SigSpotter source (Python) and binary (Py2Exe) from here